Saving Money – The Broke Dad Way

Saving money.

Seems simple enough right?

We all know it is a good idea to save. Put something away for a rainy day. Have that emergency fund just in case.

Those are all very good ideas and they have sound reasoning behind them and are probably easy to attain for some people.

Then there is me.

The Broke Dad.

I didn’t just pick my blog name for fun. I picked it because it describes me and my life in the simple words. The Broke Dad.

Okay, realistically I am not completely broke. I am not starving or homeless. I can provide for my family the things they need. I can’t however provide for them the most expensive things or an abundance of things.

We live on a budget, we have to really think about how we spend our  money each week and our lives require some thinking outside the box so to speak.

We take steps in our lives to reduce our living costs in order to be able to save even just a little bit each week.

We garden. We raise chickens, turkeys, and ducks for eggs and for meat.

We are cautious with our electric, heat, and water.

We have learned to vacation by way of road trips and camping, rather then flying to fanciful resort destinations.

We buy our clothing second hand (my wife is an expert at this).

This list goes on and I will with time publish posts that cover a lot of them.

Hopefully those of find themselves visiting my blog find them useful or insightful.

As always if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to post them below.

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Thanks for visiting,

The Broke Dad


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