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The Broke Dad, always looking ahead and scanning the horizon.
The Broke Dad, always looking ahead and scanning the horizon.

I have been doing some research on blogging because I would like my blog to be a place that people, the followers of my blog or those who have just found their way by clicking a link, want to come back to more than once.  I want people to read my posts and be entertained enough that they want to hear more of what it is I have to share. But I also want it to be personal and feel like it is written by a regular person because it will be.

In the research I have been doing I have learned that every good blog has an “about” page. A place with information on the owner or writer of that blog so those who visit know who it is they are following. So I am finally sitting down with a cup of coffee and my

The Broke Dad's drink of choice. Hot, fresh, black coffee.
The Broke Dad’s drink of choice. Hot, fresh, black coffee.

tablet and I am going to share some of my personal histories with my readers.

Who am I? I am The Broke Dad. I am the one who writes this blog. I am the owner of this blog, the creator, the editor, and the main contributor. I am just a regular guy who wanted to blog. I don’t have any special background in writing. I am not an aspiring journalist trying to make a name for oneself.

I am just me, a regular guy, a father of three, and a husband to a wonderful person and my best friend who I have had a beautiful and perfect daughter with.

I did earn a BS/BA degree in 2005 which is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

I am The Broke Dad.  I have been in existence since November of 1974. Which makes me 41 years of age.

I had an amazing childhood and also a very confusing a scary one as well. I have lived through divorce twice.  Once as a child and again as an adult. The first time it was my parents and the second it was myself.  I have no regrets on the later as that part of my life gave me two amazing boys who call me dad.

My divorce also left me with a large debt which basically forced me to live life with little. I learned how to stretch a dollar and how to cut costs through trial and error.  I learned and I succeeded and I have a section in my blog where I will share my experiences and my knowledge in order to help others.

The Broke Dad or the shadow of The Broke Dad during a hike in The Rocky Mountain National Park
The Broke Dad or the shadow of The Broke Dad during a hike in The Rocky Mountain National Park

I lived in a dark place for many years and I felt I would never emerge but I am living proof that even the darkest of clouds can dissipate and mine did thanks to meeting my wife. The woman who changed my life and who has inspired me every day since to live life and love life.

I hope to share those stories with the readers of my blog as time goes on in hopes that my experiences with depression and despair will help them deal with their own, I am living proof that there truly is light beyond the darkness.

I am not a full-time blogger nor am I a nomad though I inspire to be either or both someday in my future. I work a full-time job, take home a regular paycheck, pay a mortgage, and still have that debt but less of it than before.

I blog in my spare time, I like to think of it as my part-time job or my “side hustle” a term I have learned since exploring the world of blogging and social media. I am not sure those are correct terms to use as I make no money blogging but I one day dream that I might.

I do get a great joy from having a little piece of the internet I get to call mine, that I have all the say in, and that I can do with whatever I choose. It is a rewarding feeling and I have been enjoying it immensely.

I have hobbies.

I love to camp. Camping is a hobby but it is also a passion. I look forward to being out on the road with my camper and my family looking for new places to explore and discover. I have crisscrossed our beautiful country numerous times with my little camper “The Escape Pod” in tow.

The Escape Pod next to the Yellowstone River just outside of Yellowstone NP.
The Escape Pod next to the Yellowstone River just outside of Yellowstone NP.

I love to grill and cook. You will find many posts on my blog that have to do with cooking, grilling, and using cast iron. My love for cast iron, grilling, and cooking is another thing that came from having to learn to live with little.  You learn quickly when you have very little money that you can save a lot of the money you do have by making your own meals, even more if you raise or grow your own food. I will be blogging about those things as well in time.

I love to travel, though most of my traveling these days is by

Proud to be an American.
Proud to be an American.

road with my camper in tow.  It has not always been so. I have been all over the world, a lot of that has to do with my time serving my country. I am a Navy Veteran and proud of it. I have seen things   and

US Navy . Not just a job, it's an adventure.
US Navy . Not just a job, it’s an adventure.

been places most people will never get to go or would never choose to go.  It has played a big part in making me who I am today.


That is me in a nutshell, I could keep writing but I might have to publish it as an e-book if I were to tell all, but I feel this is a pretty good sample of who you are dealing with.

Some may wonder why I never use my real name on my blog, this is a personal preference as well as a necessity. I am a very private person by nature but I also work in an industry that is big on privacy and frowns on social media. So because of this I have created The Broke Dad alias so that I can write and share freely without worry. I hope you as my reader will understand and forgive.

Kayaking and fishing are other hobbies of The Broke Dad.
Kayaking and fishing are other hobbies of The Broke Dad.

I always I welcome emails and questions if you have anything else you would like to know about me.


One real life dads experiment with blogging, saving money, grilling, cooking, travel and camping The Broke Dad Way.

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