3 minutes a day to improve your skills in negotiation, which will help you earn more money.

A few words can be worth a fortune in the long run.

3 minutes a day to improve your skills in negotiation, which will help you earn more money.
Learn to improve your self-confidence and your negotiation skills in just 3 minutes a day.

(The following is a guest post for 3minpro.com, which is negotiation training tool endorsed and used by The Broke Dad @  www.TheBrokeDadBlog.com.  This post contains affiliate links. Thank you. The Broke Dad.)

Each and every one of us is a negotiator, whether we do it by profession or not. We negotiate our job offers, our healthcare plans, our insurance, we negotiate when we sell our car or when we purchase that brand new shiny one.

When we analyze where our money goes, learning to negotiate is ultimately a far bigger factor to saving, than let say avoiding the temptation of that Mars bar at the supermarket or refraining from buying a new dress at the mall or the latest uber-cool gadget on uber-cool-gadgets.com.

At 3MinPro.com we identified that most of us negotiate without the slightest idea on how it should be done and so we inadvertently neglect this huge piece of the pie – that which represents where our money goes.

Most of us wouldn’t go straight to a driving exam without taking driving lessons first. Why?  Because if we did so lacking the needed skills we would fail over and over again and our money would go to waste.

On the other hand we negotiate on a daily basis, without any knowledge, while giving up the opportunity to save or make more money.

It just doesn’t add up.

In the days of everything-instant we hardly have time for the most important things in life – our significant others, our children, our jobs, and well, maybe a few minutes for Angry Birds.

How can we expect to have time for less important things like learning new skills especially when the long-term benefits from doing so aren’t always apparent?

3MinPro.com makes learning new skills easy by realizing that most of us don’t have the time or patience to sit through hours of instructional videos or read through various books.

3MinPro.com cuts the long-winded theories and brings you the bottom line in only 3 minutes a day – it’s designed for busy people like you.

The content is based on over 30 years of experience which has aided over 100,000 professionals and is backed by the latest industry research.

3MinPro.com offers excellent negotiation training that consists of 17 capsules (that’s short lessons for you) of about 3 minutes each – It’s so short you can take it on your coffee break.

Learn negotiation skills that will help you earn more money and in turn help you save more money in places you never realized you could save.

Try it today by following this link www.3minpro.com.

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