Escape Pod Log 13 – Worst Blogger Ever – Adventure 2015

Alright so I am really bad at keeping up with my blog. I always have the greatest intentions of blogging or updating everyday, but then my trip starts and I get involved in 1000 different things and the next thing you know the trip is over and I am back to work doing my thing and the next adventure rolls  around and I open my blog up realize I never finished blogging the last trip I was on. So yeah. I am the worst blogger ever.

This year I am going to make an honest effort to keep up with things. I have a new keyboard for my tablet, I have been very focused on keeping up with my writing, I am much more organized this year then ever before, and it will be just me and my new wife on our honeymoon, no kids, no dog, nobody but the two of us so that leaves a little more time for the blog. Of course being on a honeymoon and all maybe there will not be much time for a blog but one never knows.

Last years adventure ended up being very fun but also ended up being about 75% driving. We have decided that in future trips we do not want to drive across Montana nor Wyoming as those two states are HUGE, and no offense to those who love those two states, they offer very little to do for the road tripper between main destinations such as Glacier NP and Yellowstone. Of course we only have one route to form our opinion from as it was the first time we had ever been there so maybe other routes across those states are better. One thing we did like about both states though was the camping selections, all very nice, all very affordable, and all very clean and wonderful.

This year we head off west once again. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and then back home.   Getting very excited to be on the road again. The Escape Pod is already loaded up and ready to go out in the drive.