Escape Pod Log – Log 8

This blogging thing has been a bit of a challenge for me.  I attempt to keep a dynamic and interesting blog but every time I have tried I seem to run into distractions and then I forget to come back and blog on a regular basis. One of the biggest reasons this happens is that I always want to blog my roadtrip and vacation experiences but when I am actually on vacation I get so busy I never sit and take time to write in my blog and then when the vacation is over I have a hard time going back and documenting after the trip is over.

So here I am again going to try and make another attempt at this blogging thing.  Spring is coming and it is almost time to start working on the Escape Pod in preparation for our big trip out east to visit Maine and all points in between here and there.  The kids are excited to see the ocean and I’m excited to buy some lobster off a fishing boat and eat it right on the beach. So yes I am getting a bit excited and I’m thinking about blogging again.  Just got a new Galaxy 3 tablet and I’m hoping that with this I will be much better at keeping up with my blog.