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Why a Blog?

To blog or not to blog? That was the question I had been asking myself for a while now. Why was I asking myself this question?

Well about a month ago I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital awaiting word from the doctors about the condition of a family member (who turned out fine) and my brother was on his phone talking about camping and campers and sharing reviews and ideas with me.

I asked him what site he was on and he tells me he was on  I laughed and made fun of him like brothers will do. I asked him if he was a middle-aged housewife trying to get the next trendy crafting idea. He goes on to tell me how interesting Pinterest is and how it has a little bit of everything for just about anyone from camping ideas to financial tips and tricks. I laughed it off and did not think much more about it.

A week later I am sitting in my garage looking at a big empty space my wife and I had just created when we donated a bunch of stuff to charity. I thought to myself how nice would it be if I had an actual workbench to do my projects on.

The conversation I had with my brother a week ago comes back to me about how Pinterest has a little bit of I downloaded the app then and there and minutes later I was looking at about a hundred different ideas for a workbench. I was sold.

This Pinterest thing is not just for middle-aged housewives after all, I would have to eat crow and apologize to my brother and the millions of housewives I have surely offended.

What does all of this have to do with writing a blog though? Well my discovery of Pinterest led me into a giant world of pins about blogging, money-making, people who make thousands a month with just their blogs. Really?

Could this be true or are all of these pins and stories I have been visiting and then sharing reality based or just a lot of hot air?  They seem legitimate on the surface. They are all very well put together, professionally written, and informative but could there really be this many people out there making money on their blogs just by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on things they enjoy?

So here I am.  Typing out my very first blog in my attempt to see if all the hype is true or not. I have blogged before but my blogs have never been meant to be shared with other people rather I have treated them like journals. Just a place where I can write and express my thoughts because I love to write and I love to type.

Typing my thoughts out is a bit like therapy for me. I just enjoy the way the keys feel at the tips of my fingers. In the last week or so I have been trying to come up with ideas for my blog, a title, and a theme.

What is it that I have knowledge in that I can share with others? Well I am a father of two energetic boys and one beautiful little girl, so I do know a thing or two about being a dad.

I am married to an amazing and wonderful person, so I know a few things about marriage.

I live on a tight budget having survived a divorce, a bad economy, and a middle-income job so I have picked up a few handy tricks to get by on very little without letting it bring my quality life down. The optimal word in that last sentence is “I live on a tight budget” I don’t just survive, I live.

I have found many ways to enjoy life and have many adventures despite not being wealthy. I figure if I could share some of my experiences and ideas with others and help them also live then I am on my way to having a successful blog and I would imagine an amazing sense of accomplishment having helped someone else.


One real life dads experiment with blogging, saving money, grilling, cooking, travel and camping The Broke Dad Way.

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